Lighten Up After Lockdown | Hair Colour Trends

Transitioning into Autumn after the most bizarre Spring & Summer, we certainly feel like it’s time to lighten up after lockdown!


The verdicts out on whether blondes have more fun (well…….whether Royston was copper, dark or blonde he’d still have more fun!) but one thing is for sure, if your hair looks good and your complexion is boosted, it will give you a powershot of confidence!

Get ‘Pixie Perfect’ With Short Hairstyles By Royston Blythe Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton

So is lightning up as the seasons shift really the way to go?  Well why wouldn’t you?  We all love to switch up our look now and again and whether you’re dark, red or blonde, adding a few lighter tones will certainly add interest to your hair!  If you’ve sought the expertise of a true colour professional, we can enhance your skin tone and features at the same time! 

Quizzing the Royston Blythe team of colourists on the lightening forecasts for the season ahead we discovered key influences and tips to share with you!  When L’oreal awarded our Colour Specialists a Colour Degree, they acknowledged that Royston Blythe are home to some of the UK’s most Elite Colourists… if you’re looking for some advice then take note….

Root Stretching…

This season it’s all about that ‘i-just-naturally-look-like-this’ vibe!  Root Stretching is a tried and tested technique that we love to use particularly with blondes – it has a low-key and low maintenance feel were we blend the darker colour from the root into the mid lengths and ends.  The tones & shades used can be bespokely designed to make sure they really compliment your skin tone.


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TIP:  don’t ever be fooled into thinking that the root stretch is a lazy-girls, non-commitment option!  If you want your hair to look good (well that’s why you visit us!) then this colour needs to look seamless and beautifully toned.  Blonde hair requires a commitment to home care (blonde shampoos & conditioners & treatments) and regular visits for trims and toners.

Blonde Balayage….

There’s something special about a balayage & smudging combo!  This works brilliantly for those that love that slightly dreamy deluxe-boho vibe!  Think naturally soft, radiant and beautiful hair that is never overdone or brassy.  Balayage works beautifully on all hair colours to give that subtle sun-kissed effect that we’re all still dreaming about.

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TIP: strengthening treatments are a must as you need soft, healthy and glossy hair for any luxury effect.  

Oh Honey…..

By blending dark and golden-toned blonde onto light brown hair we can create a super-flattering and truly beautiful warm finish that will compliment your complexion whatever the tone.

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TIP: Thanks to its depth, this works well with highlights, balayage, ombre and full head colour


Nordic White

Think seamlessly blended cool, icey tones edging towards an ethereal finish!  This all over cool platinum is a high impact look that will transform short pixies and blunt jaw-grazing bobs. 

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Blonde Hair

TIP: Whatever your length (special warning for those with super-long locks) this is a colour journey that requires regular salon visits, lots of commitment to treatments and specialist shampoos and conditioners.  Kerastase Blond Absolu provides deep ultraviolet care for lightened or highlighted hair.

Caramel Mocha…..

If you’re a glossy chocolate lover then just a subtle dash of lightning may be perfect for you to add interest and dimension to your look without switching too far away from your rich, signature chocolate tones.

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rich girl hair

TIP: Kerastase Elixir Ultime is highly recommended for any girl who loves shiny, glossy locks!


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