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Are you looking for the best balayage hair colour salon in Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton? Look no further than Royston Blythe Hair Salons! Balayage is still the most asked-for hair colour for women and this on-trend look shows no signs of diminishing in popularity, partly because it looks good on everyone!

But what exactly is balayage? Balayage comes from the French meaning ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’ and allows your colourist to deliver a bespoke look that compliments your haircut, facial features and personal style.  We love getting creative with hair so if you are unsure which balayage look is for you, book in for a complimentary consultation.

Please note: You will require a quick Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before your colour appointment.

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What Is Balayage?

Balayage is incredibly popular because it not only creates a natural look but it's also fairly low maintenance. Rather than just using traditional foiling (which tends to get a more noticeable regrowth line) your balayage is created using a freehand technique where colour is painted directly onto the hair or your colourist may use a combination of both highlights & freehand.  

If you’re new to hair colouring, then balayage offers the ideal place to start! It is less drastic than completely changing your hair colour and subtle highlights can be personalised just for you. 

Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage is one of our most asked-for hair colours and there are plenty of reasons why it's so popular! Firstly, we can create gorgeous sun-kissed blonde colours throughout your hair which look as if your hair has been kissed by the sun. Secondly, this is an incredibly flattering look which is also low-maintenance. Blonde balayage with darker roots or a balayage with root drag colour means your root regrowth tends is less noticeable.

Whether you want a platinum white shade, cool, icy hue,  buttery blonde highlights or warm sandy blonde hues, our colour masters will find a hair colour to match your skin tone and individual sense of style.

Brunette Balayage

The colour options for brunette balayage are endless. Choose from rich, glossy brown hair colours with caramel toned balayage highlights that catch the light, chestnut shades with subtle streaks of lighter blonde, gorgeous gold-toned balayage or bronde balayage.

For the best results, bring in an image of the balayage looks, you love. 

Fashion Coloured Balayage

Have fun with a fashionable hair colour and show off your fabulous personality through your hair. We can create stunning red, purple or even blue coloured balayage which will make a statement. We can also add money piece colour to create a contrasting look against your balayage.

Want more balayage hair inspo? Get inspired by visiting our Instagram page which is packed full of the latest hair colouring trends and techniques for men and women.

Root Shadowing, Root Stretching & Colour Melt Hair

If you are looking for low maintenance hair colours that give a natural, seamless grow out with an easy touch-up option then root shadowing, root stretching & colour melt hair may be just what you’ve been looking for.

These on-trend colouring techniques allow your skilled Royston Blythe Stylist to gently ‘stretch’ or ‘smudge’ your root colour and add multi-dimensional shades, growing lighter towards the tips


Ombré is a more bold hair colour technique where you can usually see the difference between the colours used as it graduates from darker roots to lighter ends. Balayage & ombré are often confused, which is why it is so important to have an in-depth colour consultation with one of our balayage experts so we can help to decide which colour technique is the best for you.

Hair Colour Correction

Has your home balayage kit gone wrong? Have you got unwanted brassy tones or patchy areas of colour? Please do not panic - just give us a call so we can help you. The expert colourists at Royston Blythe salons in Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton are experts in hair colour corrections. Fixing hair colour problems is not an easy task, book a consultation with one of our team who will come up with a plan for your hair, including timings and costs.

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