Your Wedding Hair Guide

The guide to ensuring your Wedding Hair is sensational!

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If you’re planning your summer wedding then you’ll be busy making those all-important preparations that’ll make your big day amazing.

And, there’s definitely one thing that you won’t want to overlook: your hair.

Hair up? Hair down? Classic or contemporary? Bohemian, romantic or sexy? There are so many things to consider when planning your bridal hairstyle and, whether you’re a low- key bride or self-confessed Bridezilla, finding your wedding hair look should be one thing that you tick off your ‘to do’ list as early as possible.

So, to make sure that your hair looks amazing, we caught up with the experts at Royston Blythe to bring you the ultimate guide to planning the perfect ‘do for your big day.

Nick says: “Fall in love with your wedding look and style months in advance and prepare for the most fabulous version of yourself. Make sure that you put the same planning into your hair that you would any other aspect of your big
day. Forward planning will have your hair colour, length, condition and style looking absolutely perfect.”

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Here’s what to do and when:

Six months to go…

Research! Your normal hairdresser may be amazing at cutting and colouring your locks but that doesn’t make them a bridal hair specialist. So, do your research and find a bridal hair expert for the best results.

Schedule your first visit to the salon and attend armed with plenty of inspiration to help your hairdresser understand your bridal style and vision. Haven’t got a clue? Don’t worry, your bridal hair expert will provide plenty of ideas.

Three months to go…

Decide your colour goals at the earliest opportunity and plan any changes accordingly. Remember, the best colour is the one that makes you feel like you.

Considering hair extensions? Now is the time to book in at the salon. Rapture hair extensions are a favourite at Royston Blythe because the hair is so natural and healthy and they can be applied in only one hour. Plus, they’re really easy to look after when you’re away from the salon too.

One month to go…

Invest in a Keratin treatment. If your hair is naturally frizzy and rebellious, now is the time to tame it. Leaving this treatment any closer to your wedding day could risk flat, limp hair rather than uber- shiny locks you’re lusting after.

Two weeks to go…

Now it’s time to fine-tune your colour. Whether you book in for a root touch up or a few light ribbons to brighten the complexion, you need to get the timing right because hair dye needs a little time to settle.  Plan your final dress rehearsal. This is such an important appointment for you because your hair colour and length are ready and it’s your last chance to make sure you love your look.

One week to go…

A final trim and a nourishing treatment should be the only considerations at this stage. Kerastase FUSIO Dose treatments are a fabulous way to enhance condition and shine. If you’re wearing your hair up follow the advice your bridal hairdresser gives on the best treatment option – remember not to over-soften.

On the day…

Allow plenty of time for styling, wear something that can be easily removed without messing up your hair then sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of your special day!

To find your perfect bridal hairstyle, book a complimentary wedding hair consultation at the salon today and discuss your ideas with one of Royston Blythe’s bridal hair specialists.