Fabulous Hair At Royston Blythe

Visiting the salon for a completely new look can be a daunting thought if you are unfamiliar with your hairdresser.  At Royston Blythe we are passionate about  making all our clients feel comfortable and relaxed in the happy and luxurious environment that we work in.    In order to understand exactly what will suit your lifestyle, personality and hair type, we offer an in-depth consultation that identifies your needs (& possibly fears) and inspires our creativity.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Royston Blythe Hairdresser

1. Honesty


Be honest.  During your consultation we will always ask you questions such as how often can you visit the salon; when was the last time you coloured your hair; what hair products do you use at home.  These are important questions that will determine the most suitable style and colour for you as an individual.

2/. Realistic

If you dream of dramatic colour changes it is important to understand that we will always consider the well-being of your hair.  Your patience is important.

3/. Trust

You are visiting a multi-award winning salon with a team of highly talented and experienced hairdressers trained to the very highest level.  You must relax, enjoy the experience and listen to our experts, if we advice you that a particular style may not suit you or your hair type then take our advice.  We will always be honest – remember your hair is our reputation!

4/. Prepare

Browse the glossys and the internet in search of the hairstyles you love. The more imagery we have to look at, the easier it is to communicate your hair desires. If you love a particular style and have seen a beautiful colour be sure to share these with us by whipping out your mobile during consultation.

5/. Listen

We understand that not everyone wants to invest in professional hair products, however we will always advise you on the most suitable and tailor made products for your hairstyle and hair type.  We will guide you on the best products to banish frizz, to protect your colour from fading and to hold your short hairstyle in place.  In order to achieve professional results at home we would always recommend you using professional products.


If you would like to book an appointment at either of our salons then please call our front of house team today.

Shrewsbury : – 01743 249 555

Wovlerhampton : – 01902 751 720