Gemma Collins Gives Royston Blythe Hair Extensions Her Vote

Rapture Hair Extensions at Royston Blythe get the vote from The GC!

Gemma Collins is a friend of Royston & Nick and when they introduced her to Rapture Extensions, and our talented hair extensions specialist Welsh Nick, it transformed the way she felt about her hair – our fab Welsh Nick now often features on her Instagram posts and stories as her trusted hairdresser and close friend.  Images of Gemma’s hair went viral and made the headlines across a number of glossy magazines earlier this year after Nick transformed her natural, shoulder-skimming bob into luscious long locks!

Gemma Collins Hair Extensions Hairdressers
So, if you’ve got your heart set on luscious, healthy, longer or fuller locks, you may be intrigued to find out more about why Gemma Collins chooses Rapture Hair by Royston Blythe.

Gemma’s hairdresser Nicholas Tucker has been part of the team at our Shrewsbury Salon since the day we opened.  He answers our questions: 

Q/.  Nick, you’ve built quite a reputation as a Rapture Hair Extensions specialist with an ever-growing celebrity clientele.   Why do you recommend Rapture Hair Extensions?

A/.  It goes without saying that every woman wants their hair to look incredible without having to commit too much time and energy into achieving the fabulous factor.  It is also really important that hair looks and feels natural.  Rapture Hair Extensions simply exceed all expectations.  They are so quick and easy to apply (a full head of Rapture can be applied within 30/45mins), all my clients’ comment on how natural they feel and how easy they are to care for.  Most importantly, they also look super-natural and healthy.  Rapture are excellent quality and cause absolutely no damage to the existing hair when applied by a qualified Rapture specialist.

Q/. How long has Gemma been using Rapture Hair?  

A/. Gemma has been using Rapture for over 3 years and, by her own admission, believes they are the best hair extensions she has ever had.  Gemma Collins needs hair extensions that are fast to apply and look fabulous without causing any damage to her natural hair.  Gemma loves that Rapture protect her own hair and really help with her hair growth –  the company work with  Eva Proudman MIT, a much sought after Hair Loss Expert and Trichologist who continually develops their education and products to ensure that clients experience no damage to hair or scalp.  

Are you looking for hair extensions and keen to find out more about Rapture?  Call our hair salons in Wolverhampton or Shrewsbury and we will organise a consultation with one of our extensions specialists.