Follow this healthy hair regime for fabulous summer hair!

The first discussion the team at Royston Blythe have with clients is always how to develop a healthy hair regime, just like your skin, regular maintenance of your hair brings with it huge visible benefits.  So Midlands Hairdressers Of The Year, Royston Blythe guide their clients with these key rules

#Turn down the heat

image1Nothing is more damaging to your locks than heat.  Only use heat when absolutely necessary, give your hair a break and discuss alternative styling options with your stylist.  The look of the moment is lived-in and effortless – a great opportunity for you to ditch the straighteners.  Professional styling products are incredibly advanced and there are times when you must let them work their miracles.  Let your stylist recommend the most suitable products for your individual hair type.


#Indulge Your Hair

Set aside a time each week for your hair to absorb a deep treatment.  Professional hair treatments boost condition, add shine, nourishment and vitality, they enhance the hair from root to tip.  Use regularly and you will see significant results.  Most importantly take advice from your stylist to ensure that the hair products that you are applying are best suited to your individual hair type, at the salon we love the Kerastase treatment range as we are able to offer a unique diagnosis and treatment plan for every individual hair type.


#Learn to Love Your Hair

image2Work with the hair you have.  If you have been blessed with a head full of curls or a super sleek mane find ways to enhance your locks rather than trying to re-invent. It may sound like a cliché but ensure that you visit an experienced stylist who understands how to get the most out of your hair, they will adapt their cutting techniques to suit individual hair types.  If you really would prefer your curls to be sleek and smooth then consider a professional smoothing treatment but be sure to leave the experts to work on your treasured locks.


 #Regular Trims

Keeping on top of your salon visits is also important.  Regular trims rid the hair of unwanted split ends and breakage and keep your hair looking super polished and well cared for.  Visiting one of the best hairdressers in your area will keep you up to date with the latest hair trends and product news.

 #Improve Your Diet

The food you eat will seriously impact your hairs health.  If not already, you should consider adding certain super foods to your diet – not only are they health and mood boosting but also play a serious role in your hairs vitality.

So what are the hair super foods that should be on your summer hair agenda.

*H2O – water promotes a healthier scalp which will encourage faster growing hair

*Salmon – rich sources of protein and vitaminD in Salmon improve your hair strength and prevent breakage

*Eggs – the hair mineral bomb that is also rich in biotin to improve hair lustre

*Nuts –  will add shine, enhance natural hair colour and protect the hair follicles

*Carrots – help your scalp to produce sebum oil by eating carrots.  The vitamin A that they produce is an important fluid that provides natural hydration to dull, dry locks.