Bridal Hairstyles Foundation Courses By Royston Blythe

Royston collaborates with L’oreal Professional to inspire with sensational bridal hairstyles

Bridal Hair Courses by Royston Blythe L'oreal Professional

Royston with the group

Who better to educate and inspire young, talented hairdressers to become bridal hair experts?  Royston paid a visit to the L’oreal Professional headquarters in Hammersmith, London to run a bridal hair foundation course for L’oreal stylists across the UK.  He spent the day with a fabulous team of creative stylists .

A hairdresser plays a key part in the success of a wedding day and the happy memories of the bride. Royston Blythe’s inspirational courses  share  ideas from classic to contemporary on how to make a bride’s hair look incredible. Royston specialises in bridal hairstyles and bridal hairstyle education and is world renowned for leaving his groups energised and inspired to create beautiful bridal hairstyles.