The Royston Blythe guide to those essential summer hairstyles that will have your favourite hairdresser on speed dial!

During summer months,  there’s plenty to look forward to; whether that’s jetting off to a sun-soaked beach abroad, meandering through Shrewsbury town centre or attending a special occasion with family and friends close to Wolverhampton.

Celebrity hairdresser Royston Blythe admits that there’s no better time to update your look with a fabulous new summer hairstyle that’ll be perfect for everything you’ve got planned.

Knowing where to start isn’t easy though, you need professional advice to get it right.   The team of award winning hairdressers at Royston Blythe, (this years Winners of Midlands Hairdresser of the Year) can be found working Fashion Weeks around the world  giving them access to inside knowledge to bring you the top three essential summer hairstyles you should be considering this season.

Essential Summer Hairstyle 1 – The Tousled Bob

Mel-3The tousled bob has been resurrected this season and Jessica Alba is just one of the A-listers who’ve jumped on the hair trend. Her above-the-shoulder bob hairstyle has real appeal and is perfect for understated daytime glamour.

“It works for yummy mummies on the Shrewsbury school run as much as celebrity A-listers gracing the red carpet. This season’s version of the bob hairstyle combines loose, tousled waves that are perfectly polished with a dried-in-the-breeze style, finished with an ecaille colour technique.”

Ecaille (meaning Tortoiseshell in French) is the name for a new hair colouring technique that has evolved from the ombre hair colour trend that’s been around for the last few seasons.

“It’s a more sophisticated and subtle version of ombre colour and is perfect for creating rich, warm, sun-kissed looking hair. Using smooth caramel tones we create a slightly richer and darker version of a natural hair colour before pairing it with golden highlights to add interest.”

“The perfect ecaille bob mimics the natural bleaching effect caused by exposure to the sun and is healthy and shiny looking, that’s why it’s perfect for summer.”


Essential Summer Hairstyle 2- The Pixie Crop

KirstenMade famous in 1966 by Twiggy, the ‘elfin crop’ became an instant hit, establishing itself as an iconic look in the hair world. It’s a hairstyle that’s been worn by some of the world’s most beautiful women; Kate Moss, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway, to name a few, and it’s guaranteed front page headlines for all of them.

The Elfin Crop (known by many as the Pixie hairstyle) is an attention-grabbing style that could be perfect for you.  Nick Malenko explains the look:

“If you’re dreaming of a new look this summer and are looking to make a dramatic statement, then go for a personalised pixie hairstyle. There’s endless options and we can tailor the look to enhance your features, suit your face shape and fit in with your lifestyle.”

When cut by a skilled hair stylist the pixie hairstyle is an incredibly versatile style:

“You can wear your hair smooth and sleek for a professional look, ultra texturised for off-duty style or finished with volume and curl for full-on red carpet glamour.”

“The key to a perfect pixie this season is all about using powerful hair colouring techniques to ensure that the cut stays feminine and the face is framed with lighter and brighter layers of colour to add a natural sun-kissed feel.”

Essential Summer Hairstyle 3 – The Summer Blow-out

4aThere’s no beating big, beautiful, sexy long hair. No matter what the season it’s guaranteed to get you looking gorgeous and always gets you noticed.

“During the summer months hair textures should be soft and styles loose, feminine and unstructured. At this time of year it’s more important than ever to keep long hair in excellent condition by using deep conditioning masks that will nourish and revitalise long locks and serve to protect from the damage caused by heat, chlorine and salt water.”

Long hair looks beautiful when it’s coloured with natural-looking highlights:

“Our colour experts at the Royston Blythe salons in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton will add honey, cream and beige tones to lighten and brighten hair, making it beach-ready in no time. Baby-lights, which are incredibly fine highlights, are the perfect way to achieve a totally natural hair colour result. They flatter all skin tones and will leave your hair looking beautifully sun-kissed.”