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Jodie is an established, experienced and extremely talented stylist.  After working as Salon Manager in a boutique salon on Bondi Beach and travelling around Australia, Jodie returned from her travels to join our team at Royston Blythe.

Stylish, textured pixie crops,  classic and contemporary bobs and gentlemen’s hair are all specialities of Jodies as well as her trademark big, beautiful, bouncy blows.   Jodie is a natural all-rounder who has mastered the art of caring for unruly, difficult to manage hair – both personally and professionally she is able to relate to the daily struggles that our clients face with hard to maintain locks.  If your hair is high maintenance, Jodie is your expert.
Jodie’s professional and warm personality along with her genuine passion for beautiful hair has ensured her clients visit her time and time again.  Expect an in-depth consultation with Jodie paying particular attention to your desires ensuring that your hairstyle is bespoke and tailored to suit your lifestyle and complement your looks.


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