Get ‘Pixie Perfect’ With Short Hairstyles By Royston Blythe Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton

Royston Blythe Hairdressers in Shrewsbury & Compton, Wolverhampton love fabulous short hairstyles. Ladies from all over Shropshire flock to the salons for us to style them with sophisticated and chic short chops as well as effortless and easy to style short crops.  The pixie crop is a particular favourite and also a world famous specialism of the Royston Blythe Hair Salon Group.

”In 1966 Twiggy made the Elfin Crop an iconic hairstyle that has re-surfaced over the years, guaranteeing front page headlines for some of the world’s most beautiful women including Kate Moss, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway – the list goes on! Pixie hairstyle inspiration is endless and our team of hairdressing specialists in short hair personalise short hairstyles to enhance individual features.”

”Chopping off your locks for an Elfin-style look can be a daunting thought. Although, if you are wanting impact or have no choice but to eliminate the frazzled effects of long term chemical abuse then the ‘elfin crop’ would be the way to go.”

Royston Blythe Hair Salons have a huge reputation as the best hairdressers in Shrewsbury and Compton, Wolverhampton and ofcourse further a field across the Midlands.  They once again hold the prestigious tittle of Midlands Hairdressers of The Year.  Take a look below and find out how Royston Blythe get Pixie Perfect with these short crop hairstyles.

“It is all about using powerful colouring techniques and face shaping variations to ensure that each hairstyle is personalised to the features of our individual client.”


Here, by running honey blonde tones in ribbons through the hair we have ensured this daring short hair cut stays feminine; the fringe that sweeps across the forehead encourages a soft & girly look. The face is framed with lighter and brighter layers of hair colour that add warmth to paler skin tones and leave your hair with a natural and sun-kissed feel, eliminating any harsh and masculine looks.”

Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes

Oval face shapes are able to pull of pretty much any hairstyle, any form of a short Pixie crop will enhance their features


Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

Square face shapes need softer, wispy layers around the front and a little height at the crown to balance out harsh angles.

Hairstyles For Long Face Shapes

Long face shapes need minimal height and a glossy sweeping fringe that will mask a larger forehead and give the illusion of a shorter face.

Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes

Heart face shapes need a little height to give the illusion of a slightly longer face – try a smooth, glossy look that allows your eyes to magnify.

Hairstyles For Round Face Shapes

Round face shapes need a hairstyle with long layers and a high crown to pull of a pixie. It is the height that ensures the face looks slimmer!

How To Maintain Your Pixie Crop Hairstyle

 Hair Product Tip

A deep nourishing and cleansing shampoo that does not add weight is essential for this style. We love Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime Cleansing Oil Shampoo and Beautifying Oil Masque from the fabulous Elixir range, it has an Argan oil rich solution that is known for its healing, repairing and shine-boosting qualities.

Professional Hairdressers Trick
Blow dry your hair to the direction you wish it to fall, a fast & furious blow dry with a salon professional hair dryer such as Parlux will give a flyaway-free finish. By alternating between hot and cool heat you will set the hair perfectly.

Hair Styling Tool
You will need a small round hairbrush to shape and smooth a short hairstyle, this will allow you to get a good grip of the hair and eliminate kinks.

Maximising the hairstyle
Shine gloss maximises shine potential without adding weight to the short hairstyle, we love L’Oreal Professional’s Metallic Gloss.

Finishing Perfection
Hair Wax – perfect the look for longer by texturizing with a cream wax, giving definition without stickiness, try L’Oreal Professionals Clay Ball