Experience Olaplex – Insurance For Your Hair

You are longing to change your hair colour but worried about the damage you will do?  You dream of switching your dark brunette hair colour to a creamy blonde?

Olaplex at shrewsbury hairdressers

Olaplex at shrewsbury hairdressers

Royston Blythe are delighted to introduce you to the ULTIMATE solution to hair damage and breakage from colouring.  “OLAPLEX” has become the secret weapon of celebrity colourists and is available NOW at both our hair salons in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton!!!!!!!!!

Royston and Nick are not the only celebrity hairdressers to be hooked on this hair colour treatment , Guy Tang and Tracey Cunningham are also shouting about it.    Olaplex has become a ‘must-have’ for  A-list celebrities including Gywnie, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

 before and after Olaplex at Royston Blythe

Before and after Olaplex at Royston Blythe

Olaplex has revolutionised hair colour services and has quickly become the hairdressers so called ‘holy grail for colour treated hair.’  The Olaplex system will restore your hair to its virgin state as your hair colour is processing in the salon.  Top beauty editors (think Vogue & Harpers)  and top hair salons across the world are raving about this product that has an incredible celebrity fan base.

Why the best hairdressers and hair salons in the world refer to Olaplex as the miracle hair product :

Olaplex is a turbo charged conditioning treatment to repair the internal structure of the hair.  Heat, colouring and other hair chemical treatments break down the disulphate sulfur bonds causing different degrees of damage.  Olaplex is proven to repair this damage in one single dose.  The results are INCREDIBLE and allow  colour transformations whilst repairing the hair structure.

Olaplex Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton

Olaplex Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton

All  hair products used at Royston Blythe are sourced from the finest hair brands in the world.  Each brand that we work with shares our passion for beautiful, well maintained, natural looking and healthy hair.  Royston Blythe are dedicated to researching each and every brand to ensure that we offer clients the most advanced technology that fully respects the integrity of all hair types.

Is Olaplex suitable for your hair ? The facts :

  • Olaplex is suitable for every hair type
  • Olaplex restores hair that is extremely damaged, frazzled and bleached
  • Using this miracle product you are also able to opt for extreme colour transformations in one visit to Royston Blythe

How Does “Olaplex” Work?!

The product is simply added to the colour before application and develops its effect during the dyeing process . It acts as a bind and enhances and regenerates the hair structure permanently so that any potential damage during the colouration process only can not arise!

The three-stage treatment can be combined with hair bleaches, tints and colours, and can also be applied as a simple treatment.  Check out what top colourists are saying about Olaplex all over social media: the proof is in the pictures!!!!

Am I Entitled To The Royston Blythe Launch Offer?

Royston Blythe are delighted to invite new and existing clients to experience Olaplex at a special launch price of £10.  This is a limited offer and available when purchasing a full price colour service at either the Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton salons.   Please note that the offer is available only the first time you visit Royston Blythe for an Olaplex treatment and a £10 charge will be added on to your existing colour bill.  Please note that all future Olaplex treatments will be charged at the normal price of £30.  If you would like to book your Olaplex appointment please call us.

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