Midlands Hairdresser of the Year was announced at this years British Hairdressing Awards as……..Nick Malenko and Sophie Beattie of Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton.  


Midlands Hairdressers Of The Year 2016 Royston Blythe Wolverhampton

Sophie & Nick were ecstatic when the winner of Midlands Hairdresser Of The Year was announced at the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards held on Monday evening at the luxurious Grosvenor Hotel, Mayfair.  The British Hairdressing Awards Evening is the most anticipated event in the hairdressing industries diary and is a star studded event that is attended by the most recognised hairdressing professionals in the UK and beyond.  This is the second time in 3 years that Sophie and Nick have been crowned with the title and the 3rd time that Nick Malenko has been recognised as Midlands Hairdresser of The Year.  It was an incredible evening and what makes it so special is that once again, the team at Royston Blythe have been recognised with the most elite hairdressers in the country.  

Speaking on the night, they said: “How exciting to be announced as the winners of Midlands Hairdresser of the Year! We cannot quite believe it. It really is thanks to the support we’ve had that we’re here on this stage today – the team work, commitment and dedication means we have won this award.”

A regional win at the awards can well and truly put a hairstylist on the map, securing their place as an authority, not just a creative visionary but as a tastemaker, an influential employer and a destination business which brings clients through the door.

Says Jayne of The Hairdressers Journal : “This award cements Nick and Sophie as the Midland’s leading hair talent but a win doesn’t just mean you’re the very best in the area; it also marks you out as one of the greatest stylists in the country. This win positions the salon as an authority and puts Wolverhampton on the map too.”