Infuse your hair care regimen with deep nourishment for long-lasting results.TRANSFORM DRY & DAMAGED HAIRFrom time to time, everyone suffers from dry hair and this can be caused by anything from the effects of summer sunshine, poor diet or chemical and electrical damage.  When you visit our expertly trained Kerastase specialists, they will analyse your hair in depth and, if required, advise you on the very best home care regime to improve the condition of your hair.

Firstly we assess the level of dryness of your hair
Is your hair dry, scaley and fatigued?
The Kerastase Nutritive Collection beloved by press magazines, celebrities & bloggers alike works to restore your hair’s missing nutrition from within.

For normal to dry hair we recommend that you use Nutritive Irisome.
This fabulous product is enriched with Irisome: a powerful nutritional complex that nourishes and creates a shield on the hair surface.If your hair is severely dry we recommend that you visit one of the Royston Blythe specialists for a consultation to discuss a very specific homecare regime that targets the causes of damage.  We will recommend that you begin with an in-salon Fusio Dose treatment and then consider using Nutritive Magistral.  This product is enriched with Benjoin Resin and has the ability to recreate inner nutrition by penetrating and smoothing lifted hair scales.