Kérastase Densifique Densimorphose, the ultimate mousse according to Sophie Beattie

What is your current hair hero Sophie?

aKérastase Densifique Densimorphose mousse!  It’s the best mousse around, gives you bounce with out being sticky!  It is a  thickening treatment and actually keeps your hair feeling light and it has got  great hold for all hair types. My hairs fine & I love it for me, also great for body with out feeling over produced on thick hair!

How to use Kérastase Densifique Densimorphose?

bGive the can a good shake.  Then you need to apply an orange-size amount of Kérastase Densifique Densimorphose on clean, towel-dried hair. Use a comb to apply, moving down from the roots .  Make sure that the product is applied thoroughly along the length of the hair.

Top application tip?

You don’t need loads that’s the best thing about  Kérastase they are so concentrated!

How much is it?

It retails at £20.50!