These are the hair questions that all our clients want answers to……..



” What can I do to help my hair grow more quickly”

Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton Hair Salon Men's Every hairdresser will explain to you that regular trimming of the hair can help it grow faster. Even if you can part with just half an inch every six weeks or so, it is going to keep the ends of the hair healthy and ultimately avoid breakage. If you’re really desperate, hair supplements can also help but it can take up to three months for you to see the results.  Be patient or consider hair extensions!  We love Rapture Hair Extensions.

” How can I change my hair without a drastic style change?”

Cutting in a fringe is an easy way to instantly update your style without drastically changing your hair as such.  During consultation, your Royston Blythe stylist will help you decide which hairstyle and fringe is best suited to your face shape. As a general rule, we find:

* A round face shape suits a side sweep.

* A long or square face shape is framed nicely with a heavy or block cut fringe.

* For the heart and oval shapers, the middle parting works best.


“How can I style my hair during the awkward stage of short to mid-length hair?”

rHairstyles royston blythe shrewsbury

add hair length around the sides

Too short for a pony but too long to style as you normally would?   Growing your hair out can be painful and quite often you’ll want to just give up and keep it cut short. It really doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think.  You do need to take some inspiration from your hair specialist though!  There are a number of styling options open to the awkward stage, you’ve just got to persevere.  How?  Gripping the hair into the place you want it to be will tide you over until you reach mid-length.  Of course the other solution is our fabulous Rapture Hair Extensions.  Forget the idea that extensions are all about length or masses of hair….the best thing about Rapture is that they work your hair to enhance and volumise targeted areas.  Need your fringe to sweep or a little length at the side?  Ask your Royston Blythe stylist for more information!



” How can I control my frizzy hair?”

You have got to be ready for this one!  Your anti-frizz routine will have to start the minute you’ve finished washing your hair. Invest in an anti-frizz serum that is applied to damp hair, so by the time the hair is drying it has already been treated and you will be able to style it in a much more controllable fashion.

elixir ultime elixir ultime hairdressers shrewsbury wolverhampton

Elixir Ultime

At Royston Blythe, we love Kerastase Elixir Ultime : a luxury hair serum that is enriched with a rich blend of precious oils, including argan and maize.  The oil is suitable for all hair types and deeply nourishes, controlling the look of frizz whilst boosting shine and reducing the appearance of split ends.  Kerastase Elixir Ultime can be used pre or post blow dry and throughout the day for a nourishing pick-me-up.   Fortified with thermal and humidity protection, it ensures your hair looks shiny and feels more resilient.

“How can I protect the colour of my hair?”

When you’re washing your hair with products containing sodium laureth sulfates (SLS), you may as well be using washing up liquid or detergent!   SLS will strip the colour from your hair. If you invest in a professional colour service, it is important to maintain your colour with shampoos and conditioners that are SLS free.

chroma captive

chroma captive kerastase shrewsbury

At our destination hair salons, we only work with luxury, professional hair products and recommend Kerastase and L’oreal Professional to all our clients.  When your hair is damaged, you are also likely to see a difference in the colour – it will loose vibrancy and tone far faster than if your hair is in good condition!  Visiting a professional colourist is key to ensuring that your hair condition stays at its very best during colouring processes.