melanie-griffith-and-nick-malenko-_-daughter-dakota-stars-in-50-shades108As Dekota Johnson talks of her role in 50 Shades of Grey, we look back at this fabulous picture of when celebrity hairdresser, Nick Malenko was working with her stunning mother Melanie Griffiths.  Both sensationally beautiful women and fabulous actresses!

When Dekota was recently asked if she discussed her leading role with her parents, she replied

‘No, not before I took the role. But both my mother and grandmother are two women who have had shocking female roles and I find it interesting that my mother has done similar work. If anything, they support me completely.

They understand that it’s acting and I’m not going to do this all the time. And my father is 100 per cent supportive, although he’s not going to see it. In fact, none of them are.’

Antonio Banderas’ ex wife Melanie Griffith commented

“You have to read. I read it  before she was cast in the movie, I was so happy for her when she called me. She goes, ‘Well, I just got Fifty Shades of Grey!’ I was like, ‘Oh. My. God!'”

“She would be very uncomfortable if I saw it, and I would be very uncomfortable if I saw it so we would never be able to talk about it, so why would I see it? You know what I mean?”