How To Protect your Hair Colour – Royston Blythe advise.


At Royston Blythe, we understand that you invest time and money in our colour expertise to get the hair colour that you want.  We strongly recommend that you should consider your investment as you would a beautiful coat or the most amazing pair of heels: with essential attention to care, during and in between salon visits.



Of course the team of colourists at Royston Blythe are expertly trained hairdressers who will guide you through the most suitable treatments for your hair.  During the consultation, they are able to offer you advice on specific in salon and home hair care regimes and describe the full range of colour treatments available to you and the reasons why they are crucial to the health and colour life of your hair.


Fusion Dose Treatment

Charles says ‘I always recommend my clients complete their colour service with a Fusio Dose treatment to lock in the colour as well as tackling hair health issues.  Clients that want to enhance the radiance and brilliance of colour in between colour visits often opt for a Fusio Dose treatment and blow-dry every few weeks.’

Kerastase Fusio Dose is an innovative salon treatment that literally offers the hair a shot that contains an intense concentrate of super-essential hair ingredients.   


Kevin recommends ‘Olaplex is the secret weapon that prevents damage and breakage from colouring.  We recommend that our clients opt for the Olaplex treatment as part of their colour service to strengthen the bonds in the hair.  Olaplex is a turbocharged conditioning treatment to repair the internal structure of the hair.  Heat, colouring and other hair chemical treatments break down the disulphate sulfur bonds causing different degrees of damage.  Olaplex is proven to repair this damage in one single dose.  The results are INCREDIBLE and allow  colour transformations whilst repairing the hair structure.’


Paying attention to the care of your hair colour at home is crucial to ensuring vitality, shine and brilliance.  At Royston Blythe we offer advice on the world’s most wanted professional hair care range: Kerastase.  Allowing coloured and sensitized hair to be both protected and beautified is key when it comes to achieving a mirror-like shine and healthy feel. High protection and nourishment are ensured for any hair colour thanks to Réflection from Kérastase.  Regardless of if you are a blonde, redhead or brunette, we will advise you on a tailor-made regime to ensure beautiful healthy locks after leaving either our Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton hair salon.