This seasons hottest hair colour techniques decoded

Royston Blythe are masters  at creating the most enviable hair colour you could possibly dream of, clients flock to our destination salons to experience the bespoke colouring services that our award winning team offer.  We are able to offer you a whole host of colour expertise delivered directly from the runways.  Gone are the days of simple blondes and brunettes, when you are looking for your new hair hue, these are the natural, timeless hair colours that you must consider.

Hair Colour Menu Decoded

Ecaillé Colour

French for tortoiseshell, this colour technique blends a multi-tude of rich warm tones to create a super sophisticated and stylish hair colour.  Imagine merges of honey, amber, auburn and golden blonde complete with an ultra deluxe Royston Blythe finish.  Ecaillé colouring adds interest to every cut and ensures a bespoke and sophisticated result personalised to suit your skin tone.


A face framing feathered colouring technique that uses unconventional sectioning to leave your hair looking super natural whilst brightening up the hair around your face.  Ponylights are the perfect compliment to a short and medium signature Royston Blythe hairstyle.


Consider the subtle sister of ombré and let us introduce you to ‘sombré’.  Lilly Alridge works this sophisticated and ultra flattering colouring technique to the max.  Colouring moves away from the severe block colour of ombré and instead  infuses lighter locks with a highlighting technique – the results?  Super luscious hues.


Jennifer Lopez is queen of brondes and has already seen a  whole host of celebrity A-listers follow her statement colour.  The Bronde hair colour trend means you are no longer forced to choose between blonde and brunette, the clue is in the name: Bronde is the colour technique that fuses brown and blonde to create a flattering, sun-kissed hair colour result.  Blondes will have added depth and dimension, whilst brunettes have their look lifted and illuminated.