Hairdressers Journal find out how Royston Blythe became synonymous with luxury salon status


  • How did you develop a reputation for being a luxury salon group?

Our connections with celebrities and press local, nationally and internationally helped us immensely to develop a luxury Royston Blythe brand.  Aspirational  celebrities including Melanie Griffiths, Tamara Ecclestone, Katie Price and Peter Andre at the height of their fame have all been regular Royston Blythe clients .  Locally, we have always been very pro-active in promoting and raising awareness for high profile charities.  Compton Hospice is a well known local charity that is very dear to everyone in the community, so many people have been touched personally by their amazing work and all key influencers in the area support Compton Hospice as much as possible.  This not only allows us to give back to our local community,  it also gives us the opportunity to work with other celebrities and high profile businesses.

  • How big a priority is it for you to create a luxury experience for your clients?

We have earned a reputation as ‘The ‘Destination Salons’ in our area and exceeding client expectations at every level is critical  to us as a group.  Clients visit us (quite often they may travel many miles) for a fabulous, luxury experience on every level and we make sure that we deliver this to each and every guest regardless of who they are.
  • Is your luxury experience about the big things or the little things?

The luxury experience that we deliver is all about the whole picture.  Every individual little thing matters, throughout the client visit.  A friendly and welcoming environment, the feeling that each client is important, that we are interested in them personally and that we can offer professional advice and expertise are just as important as the end hair result.  Everything together develops in a way that ensures an overall luxury experience.  It is this experience that has kept our clients loyal for many, many years to the Wolverhampton Flagship Salon and that reputation then allowed us to launch our Shrewsbury Salon so successfully from the ofset.
  • What do you think clients would say is the most luxurious thing about a trip to Royston Blythe?

Our clients feel that from the moment they call for their appointment, throughout their salon journey, whilst swooshing their locks out the salon door followed by the after service and online engagement they are experiencing a luxury service.
  • Do you think salon owners ever have to justify charging a premium for luxury services

You should never have to justify charing a premium to clients.  We justify that to ourselves and our team and ensure we deliver to the level of service that we would each expect, as if we were personally sitting in the chair as paying salon guests.

 Can luxury services and budget services sit side by side on a service menu or do you have separate service menus?

At Royston Blythe we do not offer budget services.  We don’t discount – ever.  How could we justify that at one time of the month the service we provide is more worthy than at another.  How could we justify that new clients are worthy of 50% discount on their first visit to the salon when our fabulous and loyal, long term clients must spend the full amount when they visit on the same day.  We couldn’t justify this.  We believe in consistency and treating every client equally, whenever they visit and whoever they are.  Our client base ranges from billionaires to bingo players.  Whoever the client, they are visiting us because they care for themselves and love to indulge in a little luxury.  Our teams at Royston Blythe make that luxury happen.