Dawn Ward Loves Her Hair Extensions By Royston Blythe- find out why!

Dawn Ward, like many of our salon guests, is a huge fan of Hair Extensions!

Dawn (whose inbox is regularly flooded with questions about her fabulous locks)  has been visiting our salons in Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury for more than a decade.   

If you’re on a never-ending quest for luscious, healthy, longer or fuller locks, you may be intrigued to find out more about why Dawn Ward chooses Hair Extensions by Royston Blythe.

Dawn Ward Hairdressers Hair Extensions

Only last week, Dawn posted her latest her hair transformation on Instagram and received over 6,000 likes, countless messages to find out more about her favourite destination hairdressers and what it is about our Hair Extensions that makes them the best hair extensions she has ever used.

Firstly, we talk to Dawn Ward’s hairdresser Nicholas Tucker who has been part of the team at our Shrewsbury Salon since the day we opened.

Q/.  Nick, you have a little black book full of loyal and long-term celebrity clients who clearly love the way you do their hair!  What is it that makes your hair extensions  such a popular choice?

Nicholas Tucker, Royston Blythe features in OK Mag

A/. Our Tape In Hair Extensions are popular with celebrities because they are so fast to apply, the hair quality is fantastic and there is a superb choice of colour.  Clients like Dawn and Gemma Collins are seriously 24/7 – they are really inspirational and successful characters and their lives never stop.  Dawn’s a businesswoman running a number of businesses as well as being a superstar hands-on mum of four!  She needs hair extensions that are quick to apply, easy to look after when she’s at home or on holiday and most importantly, they need to look super-natural and be of the best quality. 

Q/. How long has Dawn been using tape in hair extensions?  Is overuse of hair extensions not damaging for her real hair?

A/. Dawn has been using tape in extensions continuously for over 5 years and is a massive fan.  The brilliant thing about our Tape In Hair Extensions is that it is proven to cause absolutely no damage to existing hair.    Not only do the extensions cause absolutely no damage,  they also protect the real hair and therefore encourage healthier hair and faster growth.

Q/.  Gemma Collins is also a huge Tape In Hair Extensions Fan…..she paid tribute to your hairdressing and her hair extensions a number of times whilst she was starring in Dancing On Ice.  

Gema Collins Hairdresser


A/. It’s a similar answer, Gemma Collins needs hair extensions that are fast to apply, look fabulous without causing any damage to her natural hair.  Gemma loves that our tape in extensions protect her own hair and really help with her hair growth!

So what does Dawn have to say about her favourite hairdressers and hair extensions by Royston Blythe?

‘I often get asked to try other hair extensions.  For me it’s not about PR or paid posts, my Instagram is about being real and honest!  I’ve tried so many hair extension companies over the years
I’ve trusted Royston Blythe with my hair for the last 10 years.  I WOULD NOT, FOR ANY MONEY, CHANGE’  Dawn adds  ‘It’s all about quality, making my life easier and that’s what I get with my hair  extensions :  quality, easy to blow dry and amazing hair which is more important to me than promoting another brand that I don’t believe in. 

Are you looking for hair extensions and keen to find out more about our tape in hair extensions?  Call our hair salons in Wolverhampton or Shrewsbury and we will organise a consultation with one of our extensions specialists.