The benefits of a great hair colour are countless:  not only does upgrading your colour inject energy into your style, it refreshes your skin tone, it’s youthifying, it enhances your features and in many cases transforms the way you feel about yourself every time you look into the mirror.


At Royston Blythe, we believe that each colour should be completely tailored and personalised to the individual:  there is no age barrier when it comes to incredible hair colour.   We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every salon guest leaves us with the colour of their dreams that is healthy and full of vitality!  Our team of colour specialists recommend that you follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect hues this spring and beyond:


Always consider the expert advice and knowledge of a professional.  Our colour experts have been trained to the very highest level and can offer advice on finding the perfect tones to make sure you look the very best version of yourself.  Whether the colour of your dreams has just hit the headlines on an A-list celebrity of the moment or you’re having a ‘hair-envy’ moment from one of the yummy mummies on the school run, it is critical to be guided by what suits your own individual features and of course is achievable with the condition of your hair:  the best hair colour, is the one that looks good on you.  


Be prepared to evolve.  The tones that suited you twenty years ago are likely to be very different to those that will suit your more mature self.    You need to work with your colourist to create hues that respect the loss of skin and hair pigment that naturally happens over time.  Avoiding global colour (full head colour) and less natural looking hues is important and in most instances, going lighter is far more flattering.  Highlights and balayage techniques embrace a variety of tones and will make incoming grey hairs far less obvious.


Coloured hair must be treated with respect and integrity to keep it looking fabulous in between salon visits.  Investing in specific products to keep your hair well-nourished and preserve those hues is a must and following a home care ritual that has been recommended by your colourist is strongly advised.  If you are a blondie who loves cool platinum tones, a silver shampoo is going to be your hero-product whilst those women who love more vibrant colours should consider the Kérastase Réflection range as their go-to products.


We always recommend a post-colour Fusio Dose treatment to help lock in your colour whilst enhancing and replenishing it’s condition.  Fusio Dose combine a concentre with a booster to personalise the treatment to your unique hair needs.  Based on your needs, your hairstylist will create a customised mix from 20 possible combinations to instantly transform your hair:  your main concern is tackled by the concentré while your secondary concern is tackled by the booster.

When away from the salon you should commit to a weekly treatment routine – remembering that a beautiful colour is glossy and shiny and requires healthy and well-maintained tresses.


If you would like to book in with one of the award-winning colourists at Royston Blythe Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton, please call our reception teams and we will look forward to welcoming you into the salons.