Celebrity Shoot In OK Magazine

Welsh Nick shoots his first celebrity collection and sees it splashed across the cover of OK Magazine!

Nicholas Tucker, Royston Blythe features in OK Mag

Our fabulous Nicholas Tucker has become an in-demand celebrity extensions artist and caters for the locks of a host of celebrities – he’s the guy they have on speed-dial to ensure that they look their utmost for every occasion.  At Royston Blythe, we are huge fans of Rapture Hair Extensions and Nick has a reputation for being the god of these super-healthy, oh-so-natural tresses that are fitted within less than an hour.

Nick’s loyal following of luscious ladies includes TOWIE icon Gemma Collins!  Nick has represented Royston Blythe working with Reality TV legend Gemma for a number of years – she’s famously described as ‘the biggest diva in Essex’  and there’s only one extensions artist that she will trust with her tresses.   Gemma has recently made headlines after making her relationship with James Argent official, once and for all and the story features in this week’s OK magazine.  Nick worked on the shoot with Gemma’s styling team and MUA to ensure that Gemma’s fabulous Rapture Hair Extensions looked seamlessly beautiful, undeniably glamorous and perfectly polished.

Check out this week’s OK magazine to see the complete collection and credits for Nick’s work.