You’re a brunette?  Smile happily – brown hair is generally the lowest maintenance colour option!

Don’t, however, be fooled into thinking that your hair care regime ends there!  There are many things that you can do to enhance and prolong your brown hair colour and ensure your locks are ultra-shiny and uber-glossy after leaving the salon!

As the regional winners of the 2016 and 2017 L’oreal Colour Trophy, we have the perfect team here at Royston Blythe to offer you expert colour advice on  how to keep your brown hair beautifully rich and incredibly healthy.

Follow these simple steps to keep brown hair looking super-luscious :

 Don’t Excessively Wash Your Hair

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We will always make sure you leave our salons with rich, intense, glossy locks but don’t allow your deep chestnut or rich chocolate colour to develop a copper tinge only a few weeks down the line. If you cleanse your hair too often this will be the result!   Royston Blythe suggests that if you’re washing your hair everyday,  you try to reduce this.  Daisy Lowe has enviable dark locks and is famously known  to use dry-shampoo in between blow-drys…..we love L’oreal Hair Powder which is a dry shampoo that will  absorb excess oils and extend the life of a blow-dry.

Do you find that you have greasy hair after just one day? This could be caused by a number of things, it may be that washing your hair everyday has affected  moisture levels or perhaps you could be using  products that are too  heavy for your hair. By reducing the amount of times you cleanse and taking advice from a hair professional, who may recommend you invest in  a lightweight shampoo and conditioner, you could expect your locks to  go the extra day, which will ultimately maintain your colour for longer.   Always use sulphate and paraben free shampoos to prevent colouring being stripped from the hair.


Treat Yourself to a Deep Conditioner

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Sunshine, heat-styling and chemical exposure can all result in dry and frazzled hair. You need to treat your tresses  to a home treatment using the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil.  This magical  blend of argan, maize, camellia and pracaxi oils will leave you with an intense shine as well as nourishing  your split ends. The best bit is that it is a multi-functional product that you can use pre-wash, pre-blow dry, post-styling or even throughout the day. Depending on the thickness of your hair, apply one or two pumps to dry or wet hair.


Invest in UV Protection

For brunettes, protecting your hair from UV rays is just as important as it is for blonde hair. Increased exposure to sunlight will fade the colour pigments and your intense brunette colour will loose tone quickly. Take inspiration from Alessandra Ambrosia and shield yourself from the sun in style with a summer hat or scarf.  We do understand that it isn’t always ideal to stay out of the sun or keep your head covered, so would suggest you invest in the Kerastase Fondant Chroma Captive. It is your go-to product for UV protection and an intensified shine because is contains Vitamin E and UV filters. Massage through cleansed damp lengths and ends leaving for 2-3 minutesbefore rinsingg thoroughly.  Find out more about how to care for your holiday hair here.


Visit Your Salon

Keeping your hair looking fabulous requires regular trims to  remove split ends, its also vital to keep your intense colour boosted  if you love super shiny, glossy locks.   In-salon colour boosters and toners are available and recommended at Royston Blythe and one of our colour experts will discuss the most suitable home hair care solutions during your consultation.