It’s all about Autumn Style at Royston Blythe!

The long hot days of summer are now well and truly behind us, and as hard as it is to say goodbye to glorious foreign sunshine, white beaches and summer cocktails, it’s also exciting to look forward to the autumn days that lie ahead. And that’s because the new season provides the perfect time of year to experiment with a gorgeous new hair look.

Autumn Hair Trends Royston BlytheSo, we caught up with Nick at Royston Blythe to bring you all the advice you’ll need to find your perfect style for autumn.

How can we make a stylish transition into the new season?

Shorter styles are incredibly versatile and look gorgeous when worn with soft waves in early autumn. And, they can be easily glammed up when the party season approaches.

When it comes to colour, discuss different ways of adding dimension and life to your locks to upgrade your look.  Introducing warm tones to already sun kissed locks is the ideal way to add warmth to a winter complexion.

What are your top tips for reviving hair after a summer spent indulging in a little too much sun, sea and sand?

“Firstly, book in for a trim or restyle to get rid of those split ends. Secondly, refresh your hair colour – warmer and richer tones are great for leaving a super glossy finish.

Thirdly, try to limit the amount of times you cleanse your hair each week to retain your hair’s natural oils so that it stays healthier for longer. Plus, if you’ve been bleaching or highlighting your tresses the follicle will be more porous anyway, so it’ll absorb excess oil and look less greasy.

Finally, it’s essential to re-hydrate your locks because summer sunshine plays havoc with the hair’s moisture levels – we always recommend Kerastaste Fusio Dose treatments.”

Are the Kerastase Fusio Dose treatments suitable for all hair types?

Kerastase Fusio treatments available at Royston Blythe

Kerastase Fusio treatments available at Royston Blythe

“Yes, they’re completely personalised to suit all individual needs. We make a professional hair diagnosis in the salon and create a customised mix of concentrated, blended active ingredients to completely transform hair and replenish moisture levels. And, clients can keep up the good work out of the salon by investing in a home hair care treatment to use weekly.”

To update your style this season book in at either our Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton salons by calling today.