A Fabulous Career In Hair: The Interview

The question that every young hairdresser wants to know:   can I have a truly fabulous career in hair?

Luxury local magazine Wolverhampton West were keen to quiz Royston, Nick and the team to find out more about what it’s really like to be a hairdresser.  Are there exciting opportunities out there for young hairdressers?


‘A very famous statement and wise words that are incredibly familiar with the award-winning team at Royston Blythe.  Celebrity, Society and to be honest, down-right fabulous hairdressers Nick Malenko and Royston Blythe remind their salon teams of this statement at every staff meeting (and opportunities in between)!  With 2 highly sought after, successful businesses that have grown from strength to strength over the last 3 decades and personal portfolios that are recognised worldwide, we ask Royston Blythe and Nick Malenko what their magic formula  to having a fabulous career in hair is.
Over the last three decades celebrity hairdressers Royston Blythe and Nick Malenko have achieved phenomenal success.

Not only have they established two highly successful salons, created personal portfolios that are recognised worldwide, gained massive industry recognition with a host of awards, they’ve also passed their skills on to a new generation of talented young hairdressers.


Keen to find out what their magic formula is we asked Royston and Nick to share their secrets to success:

“A career in hairdressing has endless opportunities. Nick and I have seen the world and enjoyed many luxurious experiences whilst working on amazing shoots with celebrity clients and representing global brands,” explains Royston.
“I tell every member of our team at each staff meeting that if they love their job then they’ll never have to work another day in their life. We love nothing more than sharing our experiences with younger members of the team who are keen to develop and enjoy seeing them become award-winning hairdressers and enjoy their own amazing experiences as session stylists and brand ambassadors.”

“There is no magic formula other than hard work, absolutely loving what we do and injecting our energy and passion into our teams,” adds Nick.

“We believe that the secret to our success is our fabulous clients and our inspired, energetic and committed teams. Whatever our staff want to achieve, whether it’s becoming a session stylist, a celebrity stylist or a national competition winner, we make it happen by building confidence, focusing on development and generating a drive and passion to succeed.”

For Royston and Nick, team spirit is a crucial element for salon success.

“We enjoyed a team-building trip to Marbella and had the best time!  This really solidified the bonds between the team – they encourage each other, help and support each other at every level and make coming to work a pleasure rather than a chore,” says Nick.

And, every member of the team are proud to be a part of the Royston Blythe brand and work alongside Nick and Royston.
“When I first started my hairdressing career it was always my goal to work at Royston Blythe,” says Salon Manager, Charles Douek.

“I have a fantastic clientele that I have a really good laugh with. I see them all as my friends and people I enjoy being around. They make my job easy and make me want to come to work every day.”

And Charles has had the opportunity to achieve real personal success at the salon:

“I’ve been nominated as a finalist for the British Hairdressing Awards 5 times. Nick and Royston have really supported me to achieve this and it has elevated me to the top of my game, giving me a real feeling of pride,” he adds.

Art Director, Emily Faulkner began her career as Nick’s assistant and has since flourished into a senior stylist and Kerastase ambassador, she too is passionate at her career at the salon.

“I’ve never wanted to just settle for being another hairdresser and I knew that a career at Royston Blythe would offer me so much more than any other salon. I’ve always been driven to become one of the best hairdressers locally and enjoy an exciting and fulfilling career.”

And that’s just what the salon has provided for Emily, not only has she been lucky enough to stand next to the queen at Buckingham palace whilst working at the Coronation festival, Emily has also been named as runner-up at the L’oreal Colour Trophy National Grand Finals.

“Doing our job isn’t just about making people look pretty and offering technical advice; we support people through all stages of their life from birth, marriage and even death. Work isn’t work when you enjoy it, winning awards and travelling doing photo shoots and shows is just an added bonus. Every day’s a school day in our salon and I love learning something new!”

Emily certainly shares the view that there’s a great relationship between staff at the salon:  “More than anything, I have a work family – I’ve made friends for life who support me with absolutely everything,” she adds.

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