The Royston Blythe Artistic team currently require female models ages 16-25, 5ft8-6ft with a slender build who are available to join us in live hair competitions throughout the year.  This is a great opportunity for girls with unusual looks and who may also have an alternative style.  All applicants must be willing to have their hair cut & coloured and must be flexible with time.


Please apply by email to for further information.  Please include your name, age, photograph and contact details, your measurements (height, chest, waist, leg) and four recent photographs.





The Royston Blythe artistic team regularly require models to be photographed and/or appear on stage at the major hairdressing competitions. We need males and females, aged over 16, and measuring a minimum of 5’9” (girls) and 6’2” (boys). You must be prepared to have your hair cut and coloured and be confident walking down a catwalk.

If interested, send an email with your name, age and contact details, your measurements (height, chest, waist, leg) and four recent photographs to


Our junior apprentices partake in practical training sessions in the salon every Tuesday evening from 5pm, where they practice or are assessed on all aspects of hairdressing, under the close supervision and direction of our Head of Training or Head Technician.


If you would like to volunteer as a model for blow-drying, hair cutting, hair colouring,  setting, or perming please email or call the salon on the usual appointment number.

Most services are free of charge, with certain services (colour and perming) carrying a nominal fee.