" How can I control my frizzy hair?" You have got to be ready for this one, your anti-frizz routine will have to start the minute you’re finished washing your hair. Invest in an anti-frizz serum that is applied to damp hair, so by the time the hair is drying it has already been treated and you will be able to style it in a much more controllable fashion.


How are you feeling about your Lob? The Lob is fabulous!!!!! It's so versatile. I love my hair to look effortless but still glamourous and my new style has been cut perfectly so that I can leave it to dry naturally and it will fall into place. The texture and movement just keep the style more interesting. I'm delighted that my hair still looks good in a low pony for times when I need to look fab in a hurry or when I'm at the gym and need to keep my hair off my face.


"I believe that it’s important to make your own style and not be lead by things like changing your hair colour to suit the seasons. If you’re a blonde who looks fabulous as a blonde, why change because it’s winter?"


Swinter is the perfect excuse (if an excuse is required) to find your new signature do! This season, hairstyles are beautifully crafted to enhance colours and features......they are generally soft with face-framing layers what ever the length. There is a lot of influence from the 60's for the shorter styles (think Twiggy) and the 70's for those ultra healthy, layered medium to long length hairstyles.


Gone are the days of simple blondes and brunettes, when you are looking for your new hair hue, these are the hair colours you must consider Hair Colour Menu Decoded Ecaillé Colour French for tortoiseshell, this colour technique blends a multi-tude of rich warm tones to create a super sophisticated and stylish hair colour


Rich Girl Hair has landed Rich Girl hair is the cult hairstyle we are craving. Smoother, healthier, cleaner locks are high on the hair agenda at Royston Blythe as the new season shifts away from the crunchy, tousled beach wave effect and brings back hair elegance, sophistication and glamour in a nonchalant way.


The bob hairstyle is an iconic haircut that became the height of fashion throughout the roaring 1920's - as women became more confident and expressed their individuality their hair became their power statement, it was the time of The Great Gatsby and The Flapper Girls. The bob was a statement of decadent glamour during this decade. The bob is a haircut that is also synonymous with Nick Malenko's favourite era, The Swinging 60's! This decade became home to the Bouffant Bob - it was about women celebrating big beautiful hair during this glamourous and rock and roll era.


During summer months, there’s plenty to look forward to; whether that’s jetting off to a sun-soaked beach abroad, meandering through Shrewsbury town centre or attending a special occasion with family and friends close to Wolverhampton. Celebrity hairdresser Royston Blythe admits that there’s no better time to update your look with a fabulous new summer hairstyle that’ll be perfect for everything you’ve got planned. Knowing where to start isn’t easy though, you need professional advice to get it right.