The Best Hair Extensions in Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury at Royston Blythe

long hair styles and extensions at Royston Blythe hair salon in ShrewsburyHair extensions are not only the perfect way to create long, beautiful locks but are also a brilliant solution for adding volume to fine hair, allowing you to experiment with a fringe or experiment with the latest colour trends such as balayage or colour melts. Royston Blythe is delighted to be among a select few salons in Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury offering Hairtalk Tape in Hair Extensions.

Not only do our hair extensions last 6-7 months, but maintenance appointments are just as quick and easy as the application.

The Best Salons In Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury For Hair Extensions



Why Choose Royston Blythe for Hair Extensions?

the best hair specialists in Shropshire at Royston Blythe hair salonsHair extensions are a particular specialism of ours and Royston Blythe has gained a reputation for being among the best salons in Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury for hair extensions with many clients leaving us fabulous five-star salon reviews.

Our clients love to adapt and change their hairstyles regularly and hair extensions of the very best quality enable them to do this without any damage to their hair. You can expect all the hair products used in both our Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton hair salons to be from high-end hair brands that share our passion for beautiful, well maintained, natural looking and healthy hair.

The hair extension services that we offer at Royston Blythe are suitable for all lengths, you may require a full head of beautiful long hair to add shape which will allow us to create the hairstyle of your dreams or want hair extensions to make fine or thinning hair look thicker and fuller.

Are Hair Talk The Best Human Hair Extensions?

Choosing the best hair extensions for our clients was quite a task, important considerations included:

• The quality of hair
• Hair Extensions that are kind to the hair
• Finding the most natural fitting extensions
• Offering a service that is quick and painless for clients without any implications on the end result

Research and testing proved that Hair Talk Hair Extensions were most suited to the needs of our clients and this is why:

The Best Hair Extensions in Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury at Royston Blythe• Hair Talk hair extensions work weight for weight with your own hair and with the natural fall of your hair putting not tension on your own hair, in fact, you can’t feel them, which is how hair extensions should be.
• The hair quality is 100% human hair, cuticle intact and root point correct, which makes them very durable, with re-use of the same hair for up to 6 months being commonplace.
• Hair Talk Hair Extensions are very quick to apply and easy to remove, causing no damage to your own hair at all. Every 4 – 6 weeks clients can come back to the salon to have the hair extensions maintained so that they are always sitting in the optimum position in your own hair.
• Hair Talk Hair extensions are a salon professional product and are only available exclusively at selected hair salons across the country.

Book Your Hair Extensions Consultation at Royston Blythe Hair Salons, Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton

To book your hair extension consultation, please call Royston Blythe Salon, Shrewsbury on 01743 249 555 or Royston Blythe Salon, Wolverhampton on 01902 751 720 or email

During your in-depth consultation, our hair extensions experts can suggest the best application method and hair extensions for you. No matter if you want added length & volume or a bold and playful pop of colour, we can help.


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