Royston Blythe Personalise Signature Bob Hairstyles

Royston Blythe Hairdressers are world renowned for their stunning bob hairstyles so, if you are opting for the chop then the Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton based hair salon group should be your only destination.

History of The Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle is an iconic haircut that became the height of fashion throughout the roaring 1920’s – as women became more confident and expressed their individuality their hair became their power statement, it was the time of The Great Gatsby and The Flapper Girls.  The bob was a statement of decadent glamour during this decade.  The bob is a haircut that is also synonymous with Nick Malenko’s favourite era, The Swinging 60’s!  This decade became home to the Bouffant Bob – it was about women celebrating big beautiful hair during this glamourous and rock and roll era.

This season’s Bob

We are now almost a century on and the bob is ultimately a signature hairstyle that has so many styling variations; The Lob (long bob); The Wob (wavey bob), The Pob (posh bob) and the timeless Cleopatra Bob all make front page headlines for the countless celebrities that take the style and make it their own.

Royston Blythe hair group Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton are specialists at re-creating classic and luxury hairstyles and personalising them to enhance individual features and suit the lifestyles of their clients.

This season, The Bob is the favoured statement hairstyle of A-listers.  We have seen Sienna Miller, Kim Kardashian, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Alexa Chung, Gerry Hall and a stream of celebrities flocking to their favourite hairdressers to opt for the chop.  Spring Summer 2015 has introduced a new breed of bob, it is more about growing out.

The Lob

Over recent years, we have seen a new breed of bob, it is more about growing out gracefully, the bob hairstyle has become low maintenance, face-framing and utterly flatter for every face-shape and age group.  Here at Royston Blythe we choose the ultimate haircare range; Kerastase, to ensure that this effortless styling is complimented with healthy, shiny locks.  The Lob has the off duty wow factor that is perfect for summer style.

The Wob

The wavy bob is a ruffled and tousled version of the lob.  The wob is that oh-so versatile bob hairstyle that works as well for the yummy mummy on the school run as it does for  the American A-lister on the carpet of Cannes.  The secret to the most striking wobs is to keep the tousles tamed and ultra well maintained.  A healthy, glossy wob is a key statement hairstyle for the season.

The Cleopatra Bob

This vintage style Cleopatra bob was made famous by the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’.  With a sharp, eyebrow skimming fringe the Cleo-bob makes a strong statement and works perfectly for oval faceshapes- super sophisticated and utterly fabulous with lashings of gloss.